Can you help me work out how much it's going to cost me?

We have made some changes from last year:

For example, if you choose to attend the conference for the whole time, taking a 3 day workshop, staying and eating breakfasts off site, taking no 1-day workshop & bringing no guest to the banquet, it will cost you $900 to register.

How do I pay by check?

On the second page of the registration form click on the check image or on 'Pay by check.' You will then see Payment Instructions. For administrative reasons the check should be made out to 'Delaware Community Foundation' with '(Poetry by the Sea)' in the Notes/Comments section. The check should be mailed to the address shown. When you hit 'continue' you have completed registration. You will receive an email receipt which repeats the instructions including the mailing address.

If I'm staying off site and don't have a car, how am I going to get around?

Attendees are encouraged to car pool with others who have their own transport. (Car pool arrangements are made at own risk.)

What is the Mercy Center's policy towards alcohol and tobacco?

Wine purchased for the Conference will be served at receptions and at the banquet. Guests staying on site are also permitted to bring their own drinks with them for consumption on the Center's grounds. However, there is absolutely no smoking on the Center's grounds, so it is recommended that attendees who smoke select off site accommodation.

I want to sponsor the conference, but I can't give a full scholarship. Is it worth contributing, say, $50?

Absolutely! The conference hopes to offer a number of full and partial scholarships, and all sponsorship money will be combined to fund them. Every little helps.

Why can't I take a three-day workshop and a critical seminar?

The three-day workshops and critical seminars will run concurrently from 1-3 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You can take either and add in one or more of the one-day workshops which will take place in the mornings alongside panels.

Is there going to be somewhere I can sell my books?

The Mercy Center has a Gift Store which will stock books. Non-faculty members are limited to two titles per individual. The conference will also co-ordinate some book signings at R.J. Julia's, a well-known independent book store in Madison.

What exercise facilities are available on site?

The area is perfect for walking or jogging. Guests may swim at their own risk, but please note: the private beach has no lifeguard and swimming is not recommended after 6 p.m. You should also bring your yoga mat!

The Poetry by the Sea logo is so awesome! Who designed it and can I get any cool stuff with it on?

The logo was designed by Director Kim Bridgford's husband, Pete Duval, and there will be a selection of fun goodies available for purchase at the conference, including tee shirts and mugs.