“Putting Chaos Into 14 Lines” Sonnet Contest

The third season for Poetry by the Sea’s “Putting Chaos Into 14 Lines” Sonnet Contest will open in mid November 2020. There are two categories: Single Sonnet and Sonnet Crown. The writers of the winning poem(s) in each category each will be awarded a prize of $500 and invited to read the pieces at the May 2021 Poetry by the Sea Conference. We welcome traditional sonnets, as well as artful variations that push the boundaries of the form.

Submission Guidelines


1.Sonnets must be previously unpublished. Each entrant may submit up to eight individual sonnets AND three sonnet crowns.

2. In the body of an e-mail, provide your name and contact information, and list the titles of the sonnets you are submitting. Attach the sonnets in ONE Word document, indicating the category at the top of the page: “Individual Sonnets” or “Sonnet Crown”. Important: Do NOT include your name or any identifying information in the document or file name itself. Send to MillayContest@gmail.com.

3. The reading fee is payable through Paypal [You do not need a Paypal account to enter]. Entries that are not accompanied by the appropriate payment will NOT be read.

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