Established 2014
Director: Dr. Kim Bridgford
Non-profit since Dec. 2015


Poetry by the Sea: A Global Conference, will take place from 12 p.m. Tuesday May 21 to 3 p.m. Friday May 24th 2019 at The Mercy by the Sea Center, Madison, Connecticut.

Poetry by the Sea Schedule 2019

The 2019 keynote speaker is Terrance Hayes.

Poetry by the Sea Lecturer: Alicia E Stallings

Spotlight Readers: Tiana Clark, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Richie Hofmann, Adrian Matejka

Three-Day Workshops: Melissa Balmain, Meredith Bergmann, Martin Espada, Anna M. Evans, H. L. Hix

Two-Day Workshops: Mahogany Brown, Clare Rossini

One-Day Workshops: Rafael Campo, Allison Joseph, Michael Shewmaker, Lynne Thompson, Jon Tribble

Poetry by the Sea Schedule 2018

The 2018 keynote speaker was Rita Dove.

Poetry by the Sea Schedule 2017

The 2017 keynote speaker was Kevin Young.

Poetry by the Sea Schedule 2016

The 2016 keynote speaker was Kimiko Hahn.

The farewell show featured Quentin Talley's production of Russell Going's epic poem The Children of Children Keep Coming.

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