Now a Non-Profit!

Do you believe in the the power of the arts to transform lives?

We need your support to make Poetry by the Sea a success and to coax out, in the midst of winter, "this present sun" that reminds us of what our fullest and generous selves can be and can achieve together.

We invite you to sponsor Poetry by the Sea by choosing an event, or perhaps an evening reading or concert. Or to purchase a table at our banquet and share your vision for how the arts can strengthen and develop communities in our region. Or to ensure a seat at the great table of the arts for everyone who wishes to be here, irrespective of economic means: our students, our community, our fellow poets.

Whatever your level of interest, we appreciate your support with an open hand and an open heart. Together, we can make Poetry by the Sea a place where poets and scholars, editors and teachers, students and agents of change gather to see and hear how the spoken and written word can vitalize our communities and nourish our souls.

Please join us!

Tax-deductible contributions for Poetry By The Sea may be directed to our new charitable fund at the Delaware Community Foundation.