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Poetry by the Sea Conference 2024!
May 21 to Friday May 24 2024

The Poetry by the Sea community began in 2015 in the spirit of beginning afresh. The choice of meeting ground--Mercy by the Sea, a beautiful retreat center with its own private beach--signifies our connections as a community where you will find diversity and inclusiveness. After successful conferences in 2022 and 2023, plans are in the works to meet again in person from Tuesday May 21 to Friday May 24 2024.

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Poetry by the Sea: A Global Conference has been created in the spirit of beginning afresh. The conference will literally take place by the sea, in an awe-inspiring landscape, and at Mercy by the Sea, a beautiful retreat center. This choice of meeting ground signifies how all of us are connected to each other and inspired by one another, whatever our poetic starting point, as we meet in a place of mercy and artistic grace in our shared goal of excellence.

You will find workshops, seminars, and panels in areas such as craft, subject/topic, and global issues.

You will find a tiptoe joy in the way that artificial poetic barriers can fall away as we engage in the passions and interests that define us all.

You will find a private beach, shared community meals and catered receptions (whether you are lodging on-campus or off-campus), and celebrations of artistic achievement.

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