Registration Examples

This year, in response to your feedback, we have a new streamlined registration form. You can move back and forward between the questions, selecting different options and comparing costs etc. Here are some examples of paths you might take through the form and what you end up with. [See 2024 Workshops & Faculty].

Example 1 – Edgar

Edgar wants to be at the conference all 4 days, but he’s on a budget. After filling in his personal details, he chooses the 3-4 day deal, and then opts for the Basic registration of $649, which entitles him to all panels, readings and evening events, with dinner each night and lunch on Wednesday and Thursday. Because he picked the 3-4 day deal he is entitled to book on-site accommodation, but he chooses ‘No room required’ as he intends to couch-surf. He selects no items on the Extras page, and ends up with a cost of $649.

Example 2 – MAYA

Maya is staying in a nearby hotel. She selects the Basic + Workshop Package Registration for $949, and then chooses Allison Joseph’s 3-day workshop. On the Extras page she adds 3 breakfasts, at $15 each, so she can start her day soaking up the conference ambience and hobnobbing with the on-site faculty and participants. Her cost is $994.

Example 3 – Dorothy

Dorothy has just come into some money and is after the full conference experience. She also chooses the 3-4 day deal, selecting the Basic + Workshop Package Registration deal for $949. She’s not sure which Workshops she wants yet, so she elects to pick them later (by email). She chooses a single room, which includes next-day breakfasts, for all 3 nights at $189 per night. On the Extras page, she adds the Tuesday lunch for $25 (because she’s coming in early) and includes a generous donation of $100. Her cost is $1641.

Example 4 – Sylvia

Sylvia wants to attend a particular panel on Tuesday, but can’t take much time away from her career. She chooses the 1-2 day option, and then Tuesday for $229. She isn’t attending long enough to be offered on-site accommodation, but fortunately she lives close by so she can arrive in time for the panel and stay for the full day’s program, including dinner and the evening readings. She also plans to return for just the keynote banquet and reading on Wednesday, for $49, and opts to bring her husband Ted for another $49. Her cost is $327.