Poetry by the Sea 2019 Contests and Awards

2019 Sonnet Contest (Results)

The winners of the inaugural 2019 “Putting Chaos Into 14 Lines” Sonnet Contest were “Mania” by Jenna Le and “River Valley Hexaëmera” by Matt W. Miller. They were each awarded a prize of $500 and read the pieces at the May 2019 Poetry by the Sea Conference. Click here for more information.

2019 Book Awards (Results)

The winners of the Poetry by the Sea Book Awards for the best books published the previous year (2018) are as follows. Category 1) (Author may have more than one book) was won by Barbara Crooker for The Book of Kells, and Category 2) (Author’s first book) was won by Grady Chambers for North American Stadiums. The author of the winning book in each category was awarded a prize of $500. Click here for more information.