2022 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest Results

It is with excitement and joy that we announce the winner of the 2022 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest: Individual Sonnet winner “The Virgin Learning to Read by Julia Griffin, and Sonnet Crown winner “Gronnets” by Julia Griffin. Julia Griffin was awarded both $500 prizes and was invited to read the pieces in May at Poetry by the Sea 2022.

As we announce the winning sonnets, we do so with gratitude to A. E. Stallings for serving as the contest’s final judge, as well as to all the writers whose enthusiasm made this contest possible through their submission of traditional sonnets and artful variations that pushed the boundaries of the form. Thank you for submitting your fine work. The competition was stiff, and all submissions were judged anonymously. 

Please join us in congratulating the winners, as well the poets whose impressive work made the shortlist:


FIRST PRIZE: “The Virgin Learning to Read” by Julia Griffin 

Shortlist of Individual Sonnets 

“The Virgin Learning to Read” by Julia Griffin (FIRST PRIZE WINNER)
“I Liked My First Last Name” by Bethany Mootsey (HONORABLE MENTION)
“Chagall’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, 1939” by David Rosenthal (HONORABLE MENTION) 
“Beta” by Elise Hempel
“The Structure of Water” by Matthew Moniz
“The Awful Peace” by David Rosenthal


FIRST PRIZE“Gronnets” by Julia Griffin

Shortlist of Sonnet Crowns 

“Gronnets” by Julia Griffin (FIRST PRIZE WINNER)
“My Weathers” by Robert Rubin (HONORABLE MENTION)
“Takedown” by Rick Mullin (HONORABLE MENTION)
“Ventriloquists” by Deborah Arnold 
“Good-bye Song” by Catherine Chandler 
“The Oregon Trail Generation: A Very Special Episode” by Dawn Manning

Thank you again to contest judge, A. E. Stallings, and to all the poets who helped make this year’s contest a success!

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