GoFundMe for Student Volunteer Shane Warren

Shane Warren was accepted to the Student Volunteer Program for Poetry by the Sea 2020. If you’ve been to the conference, you’ll know how hard the volunteers work and that they are always a cheerful, friendly presence. Of course, this year’s conference didn’t happen, and then, in a further demonstration of 2020’s cruelty, Shane suffered a stroke.

Shane Warren

Shane is a 28 year old, who is working on his second Master’s Degree at West Chester University. He was completing his evening of classes when he had a stroke that required a part of his skull be removed to relieve pressure upon arrival to the hospital. Since the stroke, Shane’s lungs have collapsed, and he is on a ventilator. His mother was able to be with him for a period of time, but he has now been moved to a top Philadelphia hospital, and his parents are only permitted visitation one at a time. This being said, his parents are staying in a local hotel to remain close to Shane. They are waiting to see what will happen with their son, but all directions lead to a significant need for funds. The family is in need of gas money, food money, and hotel money for now, but will soon need money to assist with Shane’s recovery god-willing.

Shane was one of Kim’s proteges. Unfortunately, all our funds at Poetry by the Sea are still tied up in probate of Kim’s will. However, I promised Shane’s friends and family that I would put the word out about Shane, and link to his GoFundMe.

Here at the Poetry by the Sea Conference we will be sending thoughts and prayers to Shane and his family, hoping that he makes a full recovery and that he is able to continue with his studies.

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