Private Consultations on Metrical Skills Offered at the 2023 Conference

This year’s Conference is offering participants the chance to sign up for private consultations with a poet known for her metrical acumen—our own Anna M. Evans. 

The consultations are ideal for poets fine-tuning their grasp of metrics, as well as for poets just starting to use meter and form in their work. Anna can work with you on poems you bring in, or give you a one-on-one lesson in metrics with resources and prompts. You define the issues, and Anna will address them with you. 

Apart from her formidable qualifications as a published poet, which can be found here, Anna has been a teacher of poetry and poetry writing for many years. Currently, she works at West Windsor Arts Center and Rowan College at Burlington County, where she introduces poets old and young to the virtues and mechanics of writing in form. 

The fee for a half-hour consultation is $50. You can sign up for a consultation when you register. If you have already registered for the Conference and wish to add a consultation, please email us here to arrange for Anna to contact you. Alternatively, once you arrive at the Conference, you can arrange for a consultation directly with Anna. 

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