Two Remaining On-Site Rooms for 2023 Conference

If you’ve been putting off registering for this year’s Conference, now’s the time. We have two remaining on-site rooms available at the Mercy Center when you register for the week. Plus you have the chance to work with our excellent workshop faculty. Coming to Poetry by the Sea is an easy call. But choosing which of these excellent three- or two-day workshops to take – now, that’s a tough decision.

Allison Joseph’s three-day workshop “Staying Poetically Productive” answers the question, “How do you stay productive as a poet when you are short on time, patience, or money?” a query that vexes us all at one time or another. The author of at least 17 chapbooks and full-length collections – the latest of which, Confessions of a Barefaced Woman, was a first-place winner in the 2019 Feathered Quill Book Awards – Allison knows a thing or two about productivity. Join the workshop and “Come prepared to uncover new creativity strategies.”

Sharpen your poetic funny bone in Melissa Balmain’s “Spinning the News into Comic Gold, a three-day workshop that focuses on brainstorming and writing techniques to “create topical verse that surprises, skewers, and delights.” Melissa, Editor-in-Chief of Light, America’s premier journal of comic verse, co-leads this workshop with Kevin Durkin, the recipient of PBTS’s first Jon Tribble Editors Fellowship. Hard to imagine a workshop that will be more fun!

“Current readers and critics routinely condemn it as artificial, intellectually facile, and formulaic, and as a mark both of elitism and naïveté,” Joshua Mehigan says of the art of rhyming. “This is precisely why we need to get together and talk about how to do it well.” Join Josh’s three-day workshop “End Rhyme” to figure out exactly how to rhyme like the greats, from a poet whose highly acclaimed books, Accepting the Disaster and The Optimist, employ rhyme to astounding effect. 

Interested in developing a personal approach to poetic form? Dan Albergotti proclaims, in American folk tradition, “Form was made for you and me!” In his two-day workshop, “This Form Is Your Form: On Restless Inventiveness with Formal Tools,” Dan, who is the author of the prize-winning collections  The Boatloads and Millennial Teeth, encourages participants to “take ownership of the building blocks of form to invent something new.” Share your poems and generate new work in this creative workshop.

To register, go to the registration page. For more information, check the website or contact us. Hope to see you there!

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