Month: October 2019

2019 Poetry by the Sea Sonnet Contest Winner: “Mania” by Jenna Le

Your trapezoidal face, like Townes van Zandt’s, makes my pulse race more than the razzmatazz of Times Square, makes my p- and t-waves dance more than a jailbreak out of Alcatraz. Look how my EKG goes crazy now; look how my EEG goes mad, synapses zapping and zigzagging everywhere—wow! I’m wakeful as a raft about … Read More

“Putting Chaos Into 14 Lines” Sonnet Contest

It is with excitement and joy that we announce the winners of the inaugural 2019 “Putting Chaos Into 14 Lines” Sonnet Contest: “Mania” by Jenna Le and “River Valley Hexaëmera” by Matt W. Miller. They each will be awarded a prize of $500 and are invited to read the pieces at the May 2019 Poetry … Read More