Month: April 2023

Two Remaining On-Site Rooms for 2023 Conference

If you’ve been putting off registering for this year’s Conference, now’s the time. We have two remaining on-site rooms available at the Mercy Center when you register for the week. Plus you have the chance to work with our excellent workshop faculty. Coming to Poetry by the Sea is an easy call. But choosing which of these excellent three- … Read More

2023 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest Results

It is with great excitement that we announce the winning poems in the 2023 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest: Individual Sonnet winner “Driving North from Florida in March” by Brian Brodeur, and Sonnet Crown winner “after The Planets” by Matthew Moniz. They each will be awarded a prize of $500 and are invited to read … Read More

2023 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest Winner

DRIVING NORTH FROM FLORIDA IN MARCH by Brian Brodeur I think of you out thereon the sandy edge of things—Anthony Hecht, “Message from the City” On viny medians near Fayetteville,spring in reverse begins un-greening trees.Ryegrass recalls its pollen. Creeks re-freeze.A rumor of itself, the nascent yearwithholds its buds and songbirds disappear.Unsalted roads carved into each … Read More

2023 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Crown Contest Winner

After The Planets by Matthew Moniz             with thanks to Gustav Holst Mars Far after all the planets have expired,we’ll look upon our headstone rocks adriftand back at errant dreams which they inspired—to give ourselves a universal gift. That’s if we leave—our ochre neighbor stainsimaginations marching toward those timesof triumph and prestige as our cremainsrepeat … Read More

Private Consultations on Metrical Skills Offered at the 2023 Conference

This year’s Conference is offering participants the chance to sign up for private consultations with a poet known for her metrical acumen—our own Anna M. Evans.  The consultations are ideal for poets fine-tuning their grasp of metrics, as well as for poets just starting to use meter and form in their work. Anna can work … Read More