Month: June 2022

2022 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest Winner:

The Virgin Learning to Read by Julia Griffin The mother smiles, one finger poised to guideHer daughter’s eyes along a page of wood.      The child’s small hands hold up the book: a good     Pupil.  We cannot see the text inside. How kindly those old sculptors understood: – Behold a girl, her parents’ care and pride,Endowed with a humanity deniedTo … Read More

2022 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Crown Contest Winner:

Gronnets by Julia Griffin My mother’s mother’s father looked like Einstein:So Grandma said, and photos bear it out.Sadly, the likeness stopped there, though no doubtHe had his strengths: finding his prospects fenced inBy dangerous Europe, fearing to be pounced on,He sailed for Liberty, alone, a scoutFor wife and son.  They joined him, in aboutFive years: … Read More

2022 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest Results

It is with excitement and joy that we announce the winner of the 2022 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest: Individual Sonnet winner “The Virgin Learning to Read” by Julia Griffin, and Sonnet Crown winner “Gronnets” by Julia Griffin. Julia Griffin was awarded both $500 prizes and was invited to read the pieces in May at Poetry by the Sea 2022. As we announce the winning … Read More