Month: February 2021

2021 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest Results

It is with excitement and joy that we announce the winners of the 2021 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest: “An Aging Poet Explains” by David Southward and “The Messenger” by Susan Delaney Spear. They each will be awarded a prize of $500 and are invited to read the pieces at our online event in May, the Poetry by the Sea 2021 Celebration and Awards … Read More

2021 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Crown Contest Winner:

The Messenger by Susan Delaney Spear 1.This, she recalls. Mommy piles her Along with friends into the tan Dodge Dart,the ride, smooth on asphalt, and the dustthe car stirs on the lane down to the farm.It is her fifth birthday. Dark purple grapes decorate the trellis. Old Shep’s growlscares her slack-kneed, back among adultscircled up … Read More

2021 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest Winner:

An Aging Poet Explains by David Southward The problem is that people are like trees.Although they think and speak and walk around,they’re growths of buried systems no one sees—whose roots, like an inverted broccoli crown,anchor them to the soils of home and school.While summer wraps their limbs in gathered light,this hidden half digests a springtime … Read More