2021 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Crown Contest Winner:

The Messenger by Susan Delaney Spear 1.This, she recalls. Mommy piles her Along with friends into the tan Dodge Dart,the ride, smooth on asphalt, and the dustthe car stirs on the lane down to the farm.It is her fifth birthday. Dark purple grapes decorate the trellis. Old Shep’s growlscares her slack-kneed, back among adultscircled up … Read More

2021 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest Winner:

An Aging Poet Explains by David Southward The problem is that people are like trees.Although they think and speak and walk around,they’re growths of buried systems no one sees—whose roots, like an inverted broccoli crown,anchor them to the soils of home and school.While summer wraps their limbs in gathered light,this hidden half digests a springtime … Read More

GoFundMe for Student Volunteer Shane Warren

Shane Warren was accepted to the Student Volunteer Program for Poetry by the Sea 2020. If you’ve been to the conference, you’ll know how hard the volunteers work and that they are always a cheerful, friendly presence. Of course, this year’s conference didn’t happen, and then, in a further demonstration of 2020’s cruelty, Shane suffered … Read More

FUMFA for Kim: Remembering and Celebrating Dr. Kim Bridgford

This two hour event featured Katie Schneider, Anna M. Evans, Molly Mellinger, Nicole Caruso Garcia, Annabelle Moseley, Laura Marie Marciano, Sally Nacker, April Booker, Brittany Hill, Holly Brigham, Wendy Sloan, Colin Halloran, Barbara Crooker, and Julie Kane. Poetry by the Sea would like to thank FUMFA for organizing the tribute and for giving kind permission … Read More

Conversation Between Kim Bridgford & Timothy Green

november 11, 2018, Reprinted with kind permission of rattle Green: I always like to start at the beginning. There aren’t many people in the world who are poets. How did you become one of them? Bridgford: I’ve been a poet since I was about six years old. So I started writing poems and stories when … Read More

In Memory of Kim Bridgford

Our beloved Founder and Director, Dr. Kim Bridgford, passed away on the morning of Sunday June 28, after a short battle with cancer. Here are some links and resources for the community. Her funeral service will be broadcast live on Wednesday July 1 at 12:00 ET and afterwards available on the Facebook page and website … Read More

Poetry by the Sea Sonnet Crown Contest Winner: “Bridesmaid Dress” by Jenna Le

1. For daughters of the Vietnamese diaspora, it is not easy to obtain ao dài: the tightly clinging bodice with its high stiff collar, joined by hook-and-eye-type clasper, its long slim raglan sleeves two tubes of whispery silk, must be custom-fitted to the size and contours of the wearer’s neck, arms, thighs. The girl must … Read More

2020 Virtual Awards Ceremony

The 2020 Awards Ceremony took place on Saturday June 20th at 4 p.m. Thanks to our winners and judges for taking part! You can view a recording of the event on YouTube below.

Poetry by the Sea Book Awards 2020

It is with happiness and pride that we announce the winners of the 2020 Book Awards. Category 1) (Author may have more than one book) was won by Richard Foerster for Boy on a Doorstep, and Category 2) (Author’s first book) was won by Maya Phillips for Erou. The author of the winning book in … Read More