2023 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Contest Winner

DRIVING NORTH FROM FLORIDA IN MARCH by Brian Brodeur I think of you out thereon the sandy edge of things—Anthony Hecht, “Message from the City” On viny medians near Fayetteville,spring in reverse begins un-greening trees.Ryegrass recalls its pollen. Creeks re-freeze.A rumor of itself, the nascent yearwithholds its buds and songbirds disappear.Unsalted roads carved into each … Read More

2023 Kim Bridgford Memorial Sonnet Crown Contest Winner

After The Planets by Matthew Moniz             with thanks to Gustav Holst Mars Far after all the planets have expired,we’ll look upon our headstone rocks adriftand back at errant dreams which they inspired—to give ourselves a universal gift. That’s if we leave—our ochre neighbor stainsimaginations marching toward those timesof triumph and prestige as our cremainsrepeat … Read More

Private Consultations on Metrical Skills Offered at the 2023 Conference

This year’s Conference is offering participants the chance to sign up for private consultations with a poet known for her metrical acumen—our own Anna M. Evans.  The consultations are ideal for poets fine-tuning their grasp of metrics, as well as for poets just starting to use meter and form in their work. Anna can work … Read More

Marilyn Chin, 2023 Keynote, on Using Form in Poetry

It’s with great excitement that we look forward to welcoming Marilyn Chin as Keynote for the May 23-26 Conference this year. Apart from her exceptional renown as a poet, Chin is also esteemed as a translator of Chinese, Vietnamese, and (along with a co-translator) Japanese poetry.  Talking about her book Hard Love Province in a 2015 interview, Chin elucidated some of her … Read More

Women Poets Timeline Project Scoops the Morgan Library

If you were fortunate enough to catch the recent  “She Who Wrote” exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum in New York City,  you saw a remarkable display of texts written by the ancient Mesopotamian high priestess and poet Enheduanna (circa 2300 BCE), the “earliest-named author in world literature.”  But that important literary fact wouldn’t have taken you by surprise … Read More

Come to a Celebratory Reading in NYC!

Poetry by the Sea has been invited by Morningside Poetry Series to give a celebratory group reading in Manhattan.  Sunday, March 26, 2023Suite Bar, 992 Amsterdam Avenue (at W 109th Street)3-5 pm  Current and past PBTS faculty and participants who have graciously agreed to read include John Wall Barger, Herman Beavers, Patricia Behrens, Shaune Bornholdt, … Read More

2023 One-Day Workshops: How to Choose

This year’s fine selection of One-Day Workshops means participants can select from several excellent workshop options on nearly every day of the conference. And since One-Day Workshops  do not overlap time-wise with each other or with Three- and Two-Day Workshops, you can choose just one—or even all four.  Here’s a short  intro to each workshop. Visit the 2023 … Read More

2023 Jon Tribble Editors Fellowship Awarded to Kevin Durkin

We’re excited to announce the inauguration of the Jon Tribble Editors Fellowship. This award, sponsored by Jon’s wife, Allison Joseph, and Jon’s family, honors Jon’s lifetime contribution to poetry and the poetry community through his work as an editor. Likewise, we are delighted to say that Kevin Durkin is the recipient of this first Jon Tribble … Read More

Master Poets Critical Seminar: Marianne Moore

For the first time, Poetry by the Sea is excited to be offering a Master Poets Critical Seminar as part of the May 23-26, 2023, Conference. Led by poet David M. Katz, the three-day seminar will zero in on the work of Marianne Moore. Generally regarded as one of the great geniuses of Modernism, Moore … Read More

Audio Recordings from 2022 Conference

As part of our commitment to bringing poetry to a wider audience, we tried to record all the panels and readings from the 2022 conference. Here is the first from that series, the Faculty Reading from Tuesday May 24th, 8:30 p.m. featuring Austin Allen, Melissa Balmain (17:30), Anna M. Evans (32:00), and Annie Finch (46:00). … Read More